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Free Job Help For Disabled Citizens

Jobs for the Disabled: There are millions of citizens that receive Social Security Disability benefits (SSDI or SSI) in the United States today. Many of these job seekers often think about returning to work again -but do not know where to start.

That is where a free national ‘return to work’ program called Ticket to Work can help!

The Social Security Administration (SSA) created this free national program to help those citizens receiving SSDI or SSI disability benefits to receive professional assistance and guidance in returning to work and connecting with legitimate employers. The program is free for those ages 18-64 currently receiving SSDI or SSI benefits for themselves (non retirement). The great part about the program is it has many authorized agencies that specialize in various types of employment help to aid job seekers in navigating the return to work process and to not feel alone.

One such company is Employment Options, Inc., who has been a part of Ticket to Work since the beginning. They specialize in Work at Home jobs for the disabled – which often can help job seekers who might otherwise have barriers to employment. They serve 47 states and also provide Onsite local job help. They can help job seekers with many things including understanding how working affects disability benefits; work incentives available; help with resumes, interview practice, connecting with employers and more. Each applicant who chooses to use Employment Options is assigned to their own ‘personal’ job counselor that assists them every step of the way! Many of their own employees are also Ticket to Work participants and are happy to share their own stories.

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