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Laubacher Family Law Attorney’s Ohio Child Support Calculator


Divorce and Family law issues are very common in this day and age. You can protect yourself and the future lifestyle of your children by hiring an experienced professional attorney to represent you throughout the process. Knowing your rights and the Ohio laws is difficult for anyone who is not a lawyer or attorney at law.  The lawyers at Laubacher & Co. are experts who specialize in this area of legal practice and have handled many cases over the years. This will make the experience of working with them less difficult and demanding on you and your family.

Laubacher & Co. has created an Ohio child support calculator to help you estimate what child support payments should be made base off of you and your spouse’s incomes. Some additional factors that can influence your child support payments are the number of children you have with your spouse, self-employment, healthcare and any additional income or deductions you have.

The type of custody is also a factor in the state of Ohio. Sole custody/shared parenting child support is calculated based on the parent the child or children live with. This takes into account the amount of time the child or children spend with each parent and any pre-existing obligations or special needs.

Split Parenting Child Support is an issue when there is more than one child and the children reside with different parents. This is less common, because the court generally prefers to keep siblings together. This is not covered by the child support calculator.

Laubacher & Co.’s child support calculator provides you with an estimate of payments and is for educational purposes only. You can to schedule a Free consultation with one of their attorneys to get an expert opinion on what you can expect to receive.

Laubacher & Co. has been practicing family Law since 1999 and they offer evening & weekend appointments.  Call them today at 440-356-5700 for a free consultation or contact them online and they will help you set up an appointment at your earliest convenience. Their law office is located at:

20525 Center Ridge Road, Suite 626
Cleveland, OH 44116.

Visit their website to learn more about Laubacher & Co.

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