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Planning a Wedding in Cleveland

When most people think of Cleveland, they think of Chili and middle class America; not really the most romantic things to think about. However, there is much more to the city of Cleveland that makes it one of the top places in America to have your wedding, and you may just change your opinion once you learn more about those things. Covering almost every demographic and walk of life you can imagine, Cleveland can give your wedding all the “small town” charm you desire with all of the amenities you can only find in a major metropolitan area.

Places to Get Married in Cleveland

Being such a hidden gem, there are all sorts of great places to get married in Cleveland. From the lovely Cleveland Metroparks that open up the city making it feel fresh and spacious to the dense theater district where there’s always a great show ready to captivate your wedding guests, the sky is truly the limit when planning a wedding in Cleveland. Of course, there are plenty of regular wedding ballrooms available to rent throughout the city is something a little more common is your preference.

Benefits of Choosing Cleveland

Besides the great food, people, and locations to get married, Cleveland has much more to offer potential couples who want to celebrate in style. Cleveland has relaxed fireworks laws to allow couples to use sparklers for weddings without the need for a special permit; even if they use them indoors! Of course, not every wedding venue is going to allow you to use sparklers inside, but if that is a deal breaker for your wedding at least you know that somewhere in the city will let you do it.

Can’t-Miss Photo Opportunity

Besides getting the classic photos of your bridesmaids, the groomsmen, and everyone in pairs, it’s always fun to put your wedding photographer to work and get a couple of photos in a local area to add to the scrapbook. Most cities have places that are “can’t-miss” opportunities, and for Cleveland that is definitely the warehouse district. It may not seem like a great place to take wedding photos on paper, but if you drive around the warehouse district in Cleveland for long enough, I assure you that you’re bound to find a location that is perfect for a few extra wedding photos.

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