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Technology Trends Changing the Workplace

Technology is rapidly changing the way every industry operates. The guys at appendTo talk about trends in technology that are altering how business is done today. As you think about your own career, consider how each development has already or could affect your work. Stay ahead of the game by embracing each change as it comes and learning how to use it efficiently.

  1. Mobile – Connecting with colleagues, customers, marketing, education, innovation, selling. . .These are all elements of business that will change as we become a more mobile society. Your tablet and smart phone are with you all the time, and WiFi access is becoming more ubiquitous and reliable.
  2. Video Communication – Companies don’t have to spend tons of money on plane tickets and hotels anymore. They can just have meetings via Skype or some other video conferencing system. Collaboration over long distances is easier and more intimate than ever.
  3. Social business enterprise management – Burrus discusses this trend as one that will increase quickly as businesses shift from telling customers what to think to building relationships that involve more listening and personal-level engagement with them. Likewise, social applications can help build positive business collaboration, networking, and relationships.
  4. Cyber Security and Forensics – More careers in these fields will pop up as hacking sensitive data systems increases at the same time.
  5. 3-D Printing – The possibilities of 3-D printing are seemingly limitless at the moment, and it will make many jobs in manufacturing as small companies will now be able to rapidly create products made from metal or plastic at low costs.
  6. Education and Gaming – Burrus holds that the “gamification of education will create many new careers as corporations and educational institutions at all levels accelerate learning by using advanced simulations and skill-based learning systems” that are similar to games in that they are interactive, competitive, self-diagnostic, and engaging due to a realistic 3-D interface.

Other trends to watch include cloud services, big data, personal e-assistants who help employees by letting them get help by just asking their questions out loud (Think Siri.), 3-D web experiences, the Internet of things (items that are connected to each other and that share data and information in real time), and advanced robotics and automation.

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