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Things not to do when dating someone 

The excitement of having someone new in life is so exhilarating. Yes, you are dating after a long time and it feels so good. He is always in your mind and you want to see more of him. Beware of overdoing things or else you would nip the bud before the romance blooms. Here are the things not to do in the initial period of dating.

Don’t get overzealous

We know you want to spend every waking hour with your new love but don’t stalk him. If you bump into your guy too often and try to give weird excuses, he may start doubting you. So, control yourself. Let the relationship develop in its own sweet time.

Don’t stalk your partner on FB

I know, you are just trying to know his favorite color or soccer team, but don’t you think checking his profile every half an hour is just too much? We are all guilty of digital stalking. Be it our current flame or ex, we love to know what they are doing in the online world. There is a danger of getting obsessed with your partner and revealing in front of him what you have learned from his profile.  In the second case, it would be embarrassing for you.

Don’t compromise too much for love

People often compromise in order to make a relationship work. While every relationship requires some level of compromise, there are certain things you should never accept. Any form of abuse, negligence, cheating and odd behavior should not be compromised upon. Follow your intuition and if you think something is not right, face it. If he is interested, he would mend his ways, if not you know what to do.

Don’t take everybody seriously

People have their opinions and are more than happy to share them. That doesn’t mean you have to take them seriously. Your friends would have opposing views on your new love interest and would air them also. Take everything with a pinch of salt. Do what your heart tells you. Don’t allow others to meddle in your love life.

Don’t share personal details with everyone

This happens with girls. They are so eager to know how your love life is shaping may force you to share details like when you kissed and how it felt. Don’t share all these details. You won’t like your guy’s friends discussing your personal details, why share his?

Don’t cling to your partner

Don’t put too much at stake, don’t appear to be desperate. All these are harmful as you may suffocate the other person.

A relationship takes time to grow. Give it that time. By refraining from doing the things mentioned above, you would let the relationship grow at its own pace.

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