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Winter can be a rough time on car tires as well as your nerves


Winter can be a dangerous time for driving, especially in places where snowfall is quite heavy. Drivers can avoid accidents and breakdowns by making sure their tires, as well as everything else associated with their cars, are properly cared for. Maintaining tire pressure is particularly important during the winter, as low pressure can lead to very serious accidents and breakdowns that can result in injury. Even in warmer places, where the winter cold has less of a bite, maintaining a vehicle is quite important, especially when it comes to tire pressure.

Tire pressure is something that many drivers do not consider to be important. They often add aid to their tires without measure the pressure within the tire beforehand. They also often measure air pressure after having driven their vehicle a considerable distance, which leads to an inaccurate gauge. Most cars in the United States have at least one tire with low pressure, and this usually goes unnoticed by drivers for extended periods of time. One reason why drivers do not pay much attention to tire pressure is because they do not know about the impact that low pressure tires can have on driving.

During the winter, drivers are urged to check tire pressure every week. Cold temperatures can allow pressure to escape from tires more easily. Normally, drivers should check their air pressure every month, as tires can lose up to 5 psi over that time period. Most tired for midsized vehicles should have between 32 and 35 psi. Tires with low pressure can have a major impact on the handling of a vehicle and the distance it takes to brake. Over-inflated tires can have similar issues as well as affecting the durability of tires. An air gauge is a valuable tool, of course, as this will allow drivers to accurate measure their tire pressure.

Tire pressure is not the only thing to be concerned about, of course. Drivers should also check the tread of their tires, as poorly maintained tires can lead to an accident. Measuring tread is relatively easy, as there is one age-old trick that can be used. Called the “penny trick” the only thing a driver needs is a simple penny. Place the penny between a tire’s tread, with the head on the penny facing down. If the head is covered, the tread is good.

Winter can be a dangerous time to drive but this is typically unavoidable due to work, errands and family travel excursions. Maintaining your tires can help you avoid accidents and breakdowns and, if necessary, you can take your vehicle to a professional in order to ensure that a vehicle is prepared for whatever challenges you may face when traveling.

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